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Quality, Environment and Safety



The market segments in which ORIM operates are characterised by continuous regulatory variability, high business risks and consequent organisational complexity.
ORIM has always held an excellent position in the industrial waste management market, both for disposal and, above all, recovery.
In relation to the external scenario, relations with suppliers, and in particular with final plants, are excellent.
Thanks to know-how consolidated over more than 40 years of experience, the company is today able to offer full service to solve all disposal problems for customers. Through its Research & Development area, ORIM has also developed increasingly effective and innovative recovery solutions, particularly in the recovery of non-ferrous metals, and can obtain both final products and concentrates/intermediates to send to its selected partners.



ORIM pursues the strategic objective of being considered an excellent partner for its customers. The Management directs its energies on the side of large customers while still maintaining control of the correct local communication to SMEs. The work envisaged to achieve this goal is important and requires not only a proactive approach by all company personnel, but also the involvement of all stakeholders concerned.
ORIM maintains its interest in and sensitivity to the surrounding environment. This is also expressed through constant compliance with applicable legislation, as well as through proper waste management and careful monitoring of its environmental performance, in order to prevent possible impacts generated.
ORIM has always been attentive to the issues of health and safety of workers connected with the company's activities and is also committed to ensuring compliance with the regulations applicable to this sector and preventing accidents and occupational diseases.
Specifically, the Management identifies the following as strategic corporate objectives for 2023-2024:

  1. organisational redesign, aimed at redesigning company processes and defining objective responsibilities with specific tasks and objectives for Managers and Function/Process Managers;
  2. the maintenance and continuous improvement of the integrated Quality, Safety and Environment management system;
  3. the implementation of the IMS according to the Organisation and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  4. the strengthening of Research & Development aimed at the sector of metal recovery, powdered waste and catalysts.

In order to achieve the objectives, the Management considers the contribution of all company personnel, who will be involved in the improvement processes, to be fundamental.



To achieve the above objectives, the Management of ORIM identifies the following strategic guidelines

  • to ensure the protection of human life, safety, health and well-being of personnel and all persons involved in the Company's activities
  • to promote respect for human rights at all levels, with particular regard to child, forced and compulsory labour, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities
  • ensure compliance with all applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations during the performance of company activities;
  • pursue the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and services;
  • establish corporate objectives considering the expectations of customers and stakeholders;
  • promote dialogue and confrontation with all stakeholders, taking into account their requests and activating appropriate instruments of participation;
  • communicate the performance of company activities in a transparent manner;
  • carefully evaluate new information from the market and identify any potential risk elements;
  • ensure that commercial economic factors do not influence issues related to Health, Safety and Environmental protection and that the former never take priority over the latter;
  • pursue the objectives of the circular economy and sustainable development, contributing to the improvement of the quality of the environment with particular reference to energy efficiency, the protection of biodiversity, the correct use of water resources and plastics, the efficient use of energy and the reduction of environmental impacts related to company activities;
  • assess all risks and ensure the health and safety of its workers in connection with the performance of all company activities, particularly for pregnant women;
  • prevent accidents and occupational diseases that may be generated by company activities;
  • continuously improve staff skills through effective training plans;
  • prepare staff for handling emergencies.



Objectives and improvement programmes are defined and reviewed periodically, ensuring the availability of information and resources for their pursuit.
Within the IMS, strategic objectives are specified in detailed objectives, which are monitored through performance indicators assigned to each business process.
Any criticality that may arise from each process is carefully analysed and allows, in a recursive manner, the process itself to be corrected until the optimum result is obtained.
Checks, inspections and audits are carried out to assess the company's performance, and this Integrated Policy is periodically reviewed to assess its effectiveness and take consequent measures.