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ORIM SpA has been working since 1982 in the treatment, disposal, recycling and transport of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, and is currently specialised in the following activities:



  • R4 Recycling / Reclamation of metals or metallic compounds;
  • R8 Recovery of components from catalysts;
  • R12 Trading of wastes pending any of the operations provided from point R1 to R11;
  • R13 Storage of wastes pending any of the operations provided from point R1 to R12.


  • D9 Physical-chemical treatment of both liquid and solid waste
  • D13 Blending or mixing prior to one of the operations provided from point D1 to D12
  • Repackaging prior to one of the operations provided from point D1 to D13
  • D15 Storage pending any of the operations provided from point D1 to D14

ORIM has obtained the following:
Environmental Integrated Authorisation E.D. no. 375 of 21/10/2014 issued by the Provincial Authority of Macerata valid until 21/10/2026.
Environmental Integrated Authorisation | Rapporto Istruttorio | Bank Guarantee IPPC permit/EIA

ORIM is also entered in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators at no. AN/212 under the following categories:

  • 1 class E (collection and transport of urban and assimilated wastes) Download
  • 4 class D (collection and transport of non-hazardous special wastes) Download
  • 5 class E (collection and transport of hazardous wastes) Download
  • 10B class D (reclamation of assets containing asbestos) Download
  • 9 class B (sites reclamation) Download
  • 8 class C (intermediation and trading of wastes without materially storing them) Download


Moreover, the Organisation has the technical and legal requirements to carry out the following activities:

  • drug traceability (unique code number logistic site according to the MD no. 001141 dated 15/07/04 and subsequent amendments and additions)
  • tax warehouse of waste assimilated to BTZ heavy fuel oil and/or heating oil (operating tax licence in accordance with the Legislative Decree 504/95 no. MCY00345S and subsequent amendments and additions)
  • Registration in the Coordination Centre WEEE no. 14/2054 dated 31/10/2014 Registration Code no. I00000462, Company number: Orim P083371 Download

ORIM owns the following authorisations to manage activities concerning precious metals:

  • Precious metals manufacture (brand no. 74MC)
  • Precious metals wholesale
  • Gold trade as per Art. no. 1, paragraph no. 1, of Law 17 January 2000, no. 7 (Professional Gold Trader, registration no. 5000633 at the Bank of Italy).


ORIM is currently working with the aid of an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System certified by the following regulations:
ISO 9001:2015 expiry date on 19.11.2024  Download
ISO 14001:2015 expiry date on 27.11.2025  Download
ISO 45001:2018 expiry date on 22.12.2025     Download
Rating di legalità  Download 

concerning activities about "Planning and supply of: collection, transport, warehouse, recovery, treatment and disposal of special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials, and waste intermediation service.
Such certifications prove the company’s attentive management regarding both its organisation, and the environment respect and safeguard, as well as occupational health and safety..