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catalizzatori-articolo2ORIM is the only company in Italy that, by means of a series of hydro-metallurgical and pyro- metallurgical processes, is able to extract from chemical and petrochemical industries’ catalysts the strategic metals contained in them, such as: Vanadium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, etc.

The recovery of catalysts leads to a series of positive factors like big savings both in terms of processing methods and environmental costs. As a matter of fact, the recovery allows to create a better environmental management according to the ISO 14001 regulation due to:

  • lower energy consumption;
  • lesser raw materials consumption;
  • reduced environmental impact fully complying with Art. no. 181 of the Environmental Code, Legislative Decree 152/2006.

Given the catalysts' particular features and the reactions that might be generated by the contact with outer agents, if necessary, ORIM uses a technology that allows working in total safety during the recovery process.

Over thirty years of experience in the waste Recovery field have led ORIM to become one of the Italian leaders in this sector. Furthermore, ORIM has developed techniques for the recovery of catalysts containing transition and precious metals like Nickel, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Copper, Platinum, Silver, Palladium.

The catalysts we mainly deal with come from chemical-petrochemical industries and derive from processes like desulphurisation, hydro-cracking, hydro-treating, reforming, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, polymerisation, isomerisation, charge purification, alcohols production, and from pharmaceutical processes.

TreatmentsMetal combinations
 Desulphurisation and hydro-treating of distillates and residues, hydro-cracking  Ni - Mo - Co - (V)
 Gas desulphurisation  Co - Mo - Zn
 Hydrogenation  Ni - Mo - Pt - Pd - Rh
 Dehydrogenation  Ni - Pt - Mo - Cu - Zn
 Reforming  Ni - Pt - Sn - Re, Ir
 Polymerisation  V, Mo, Co, Ni;
 Isomerisation  Pt
 Pyrolysis  Ni - Pd
 Catalytic conversion of exhausted gases  Pt - Pd - Rh
 Catalytic conversion of exhausted gases da CO, F, Cl  Ni - Ru - Cu - Zn
 Alcohols production  Cu - Co
 Fatty Nickel e Nickel Raney  Ni
 Margarine production, fats hydrogenation  Ni
 Methanol steam Reforming  Cu - Zn
 Production of HNO3 – nitric acid  Pt
 Production of H2O2 – hydrogen peroxide  Ag - Pd
 Hydrogenation Acetylene, Olefin, Propylene for charge cleaning  Pd
 Ethylene oxide production, removal  Hg Ag

To receive more detailed information about processing options for specific catalysts, please send us the following details:

  • Sample
  • Manufacturing process description
  • Safety data sheet of the exhausted and/or new catalyst
  • Information about other contingent catalysts used in the same unit/reactor
  • Analysis results
  • Quantity/Use frequency/Packaging

Such waste processing mainly aims to recover valuable metals contained in the exhausted catalysts, thus gaining several advantages:

  • Lower disposal cost;
  • Better ecological balance also for the purpose of ISO 14001 and Emas certifications;
  • Saving of energy and raw materials to the benefit of the environment, according to the Legislative Decree 152/2006.



Brake pad treatment stages:
Confinement to reduce dust emissions
Sieving and separation
Magnetic selection to eliminate the ferrous fraction
Further sieving and concentration of Cu
Smelting of copper and its alloys
Copper alloys for further refining

Recover valuable Cu
Lower treatment costs
Achievement of Environmental Objectives



Used batteries are rich in materials of fundamental importance for the energy transition. It is possible to recover these materials with a much lower consumption of resources than extracting them from mines.

First of all, the batteries are sorted by chemistry. Once separated, the different types are sent for recovery in specialized plants for further processing.
Elements such as zinc, manganese, cadmium, lead, as well as iron are extracted. The processing scraps of lithium batteries are treated in a different way, with a proprietary technology, to ensure an output product of superior purity and quality and a greater recovery yield.

High purity copper and graphite, aluminum and cathode material (CAM, Cathode Active Material) are obtained to be used for the manufacture of new batteries.



Orim FCC
Thanks to its experience, its continuous and constant research of solutions, as well as its advanced and cutting-edge proposals, today ORIM is the only company on the Italian market able to offer – as a specialist and consultant for the main oil refineries – a new technology that partakes in improving the performance of the catalysts located within the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) units, the core of the oil refining process. Such technology allows the improvement of the units’ specific parameters in order to increase their production by reducing low value wastes – like tars and asphalts – and increasing, instead, the quantity of high added value products – like diesel fuel and petrol –; thus generating savings on many fronts for refineries.



The purchase of gold as a form of investment is open to everyone: it is a lasting asset and its worth grows over time. In the medium term, it proves to be an excellent instrument to diversify one's own portfolio and reduce the investment risks. Usually, the more the crisis endangers investments and savings, the more gold increases its value over time safeguarding the asset from depreciation. Gold is easy to keep: thanks to its specific weight, its size is very small. 1 Kg bar is smaller than a mobile phone! Available bars range from 10 grammes to 1 Kg weight. Thanks to its registration as gold Professional Trader at the Bank of Italy (licence no. 5000633) ORIM is able to grant VAT free transactions. ORIM guarantees the purchasing and selling at any time, at the market prices and through simple and absolutely transparent procedures; we can also monetise only part of the Gold you own.


We buy and sell silver whatever its form. We also recover waste pieces of precious metal whatever their physical state, e.g.: salts in solution, galvanic baths, sludge, jewellery, processing scraps, golden or silver-plated objects.

We sell precious metal salts for galvanised baths and specific usages.
Collection and delivery service by insured security vans.