how Orim was born

environment-friendly since 1982

ORIM began its business in 1982 dealing with precious metals recycling and industrial waste disposal.

Over the years, the increased attention to environmental issues and the complexity within the waste management field, generated more detailed, accurate and rigid market needs.

By means of an attentive management – based on the strict and full compliance with the applicable regulations, as well as on targeted technical choices and, ultimately, on specific exclusive rights from foreign disposal and recycling plants – ORIM was able to meet such needs in a professional and detailed way; the continuous and constant development thus allowed us to stand out amongst the national leading companies.

With regards to the management of all kinds of waste throughout Italy, ORIM is able to offer varied and customised services according to the Client's specific requirement. We provide a technical- commercial organisation, which, through an accurate analysis of the recorded data that gradually become definite, searches for the best and customised solutions and assists the Client through the different phases of the service required.

The company highly qualified structure and know-how acquired in over 30 years of activity, allow ORIM to offer a full service focused on reliability and professionalism; features materialising into the accurate waste traceability granted to the Client and into the full compliance with the applicable sector regulations.


Precious / Non-ferrous metals


Precious metals
Non-ferrous metals

Recycling, Transport,
Disposal Industrial waste


Industrial waste

Fluid Catalytic Cracking


Fluid Catalytic Cracking

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