Our mission

Integrated Policy.
Quality, Environment and Safety



Right from the start, ORIM S.p.A. has constantly aimed to be considered an excellent partner by its own customers.

The work required to reach such a goal is pivotal and always needs a pro-active approach from our staff’s part, as well as the participation of the involved stakeholders. The market sectors in which ORIM S.p.A. operates are characterised by continuous law changes, the company's high risks and the consequent organising difficulties. With regards to the external scenario, the relationship with our suppliers, and especially with the final plants, are excellent, and being independent proves to be fundamental. For what concerns clients, the management intends to focus on the big groups, and still keep a good and proper liaison with the local Small-Medium sized Companies. Thus, we will inevitably have to adjust at best the organisational structure according to the needs of our clients, who are increasingly concerned about the conformity of the services. ORIM S.p.A. holds, as usual, a prominent position in the market of industrial waste management especially if compared to its main competitors.

Therefore, it will be important to consolidate at best the strengths distinguishing us, in order to make our clients be aware of our services’ high standards. ORIM S.p.A. keeps its interest and awareness towards the surrounding Environment alive. That is also carried out through the constant compliance with the applicable regulations, as well as through a proper waste management and an accurate monitoring of its own environmental performances, all aimed to prevent possible impacts. ORIM S.p.A. has always been attentive to workers' safety and health issues, which are strictly connected with the company activities; we are also committed to guaranteeing the compliance with the applicable regulations and to preventing work-related injuries and illnesses..



The Board of Directors of ORIM S.p.A. has identified the following strategic goals:

  •     gto comply with the applicable regulations on both Environment and Occupational Safety during the working activities;
  •     to constantly improve the efficacy and efficiency of both processes and services;
  •     to make its contribution to the improvement of the environment, particularly focusing on reducing the environmental impacts deriving from companies;
  •     to avoid environmental impact caused by our activities;
  •     to guarantee workers' health and safety issues connected to working activities;
  •     to avoid work-related injuries and illnesses that might be caused by company activities;
  •     to enhance our stakeholders' esteem and trust.



The main activities to be carried out for the fulfilment the above-mentioned objectives will be:

  •     organisational redesign, aimed to rearrange the company processes and to define objective responsibilities and managers' specific goals;
  •     maintenance and constant improvement of integrated management of Quality, Safety and Environment;
  •     improvement of company communications, particularly towards the stakeholders.

The contribution from all the company staff, who will be involved in the improvement activities, will be fundamental to achieve such goals. Specifically, the workers’ commitment will be guaranteed, each according to their expertise, by the Office/Process Supervisors.


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